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RAPT WIFI regulator temperatury

RAPT WIFI regulator temperatury
Oryginalna nazwa

RAPT Temp controller 220-240V AC

Regulator temperatury pozwalający na zdalne monitorowanie i sterowanie urządzeniem grzewczym i chłodzącym przez WIFI. Moc maksymalna poszczególnych podłączonych / sterowanych urządzeń - 2400W.

Opis oryginalny:

This RAPT wifi connected temperature controller box will enable you to monitor, track and control heating and cooling devices remotely through the internet. You can set complex temperature profiles so the temperature will automatically change over time.

Wifi compatible (RAPT)

Big colour screen

PID heating option

Temperature Range from -20°C to 120°C

Pairs with Brewfather & RAPT Pill

Description - RAPT WIFI temperature controller

This temperature controller connects with the RAPT web portal meaning that you can monitor, log and control the devices plugged into this temperature controller box remotely.

This plug and play temperature controller box has two clearly marked blue and red power sockets for heating and cooling so you can monitor and control the temperature of a cooling and heating device at the same time. Each power outlet is rated to 10amp (2400 Watt max.).

Colour screen

The colour screen clearly displays temperature, graph of future and past temperature settings and makes it much easier to perform profile temperature steps.

RAPT Wifi Compatible

The controller will connect with the https://app.rapt.io/ portal. The portal records the temperature progression of the fermentation. You can set a different temperature or a new temperature profile. You can also see a future projection of temperature profiles that you might have running.

PID Included

The temperature controller box comes with a PID (Proportional - Integral - Derivative) heating function often used for higher powered devices. This greatly reduces the chance of scorching and will deliver better temperature control with less fluctuation.

Temperature Range

The temperature range of this device will enable you to control devices from -20°C up to 120°C.

Various Mounting Options

The innovative design enables you to panel mount this controller, mount to a hanging point or hook, mount on top of a fridge or brewery. Simply unscrew the mounting plate and switch the mounting to your preferred orientation.

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